I am pretty impressed with the whole wikipedia process. I had no idea exactly how the site worked; the way they have compiled information and use a communal review and editing process so successfully is impressive to say the least. I saw several posts that addressed everything from incorrect information to recommendations as to the appropriateness of the location for the content being written. Things are remarkably civil from what I saw in the discussion boards, and I like the way Jimmy Wales put it in his TED talk: their little voting system is not just an up or down vote, but a dialogue.

I might some images or some kind of visuals from the creative commons to enhance the look of my group’s website. The group I am in will be pulling heavily from the the work of others and will benefit immensely from this domain of information available to us. Since we are pulling on sources from within the university we shouldn’t have to worry too much about copy right issues since everything we post or create is technically owned by the school anyway.

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