My group set out, at the beginning of this semester, to create a comprehensive interactive medium for prospective students and those with an interest in the university’s history. We decided a website that provided brief and concise information, along with visual aids, would be the best way to fulfil our project requirements. We were tasked with introducing the history of the academic buildings on campus to those who wished to find out more about them.

We drafted a contract and have successfully completed our project as contracted to the best of our ability. The major parts of our contracted were completed without issue, however, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we were unable to complete the contract to the level that we had originally planned. The main pillars of our website were as follows: the website structure and design, a virtual tour of the buildings, a google my map of the campus, and images combined with well researched information for each academic building on the campus of the University of Mary Washington. The website was built without incident, the research for the academic buildings as contracted was completed, the google my map was completed, and most buildings were added to the virtual tour of the academic buildings. Due to the outbreak and the shutdown of the university, we were unable create virtual tours for the Simpson Library and Hurley Convergence Center. The website and its parts were successfully implemented, and the only significant part of the contract that was impossible to complete was the sections that related to advertising, distribution, and consultation.  

In order to comply with orders given to the population of Virginia, it was impossible for us to seek advising from certain academic and alumni resources. Originally, we had planned on using tours of the university to boost knowledge of the sight and distribute informational pamphlets, but the international outbreak made this impossible. Despite the challenges and last-minute adaptation that was demanded of the situation, my group was able to rise to the occasion and complete the main components of the project. All group members were flexible and worked hard to maintain communication and high level of professionalism.

Our process was largely individual, and while it required communication and occasional cooperation, each of the tasks set out in our contract could be completed most efficiently by assigning each member of the group a specific part of the project. I created the website and the structure that my group mates inserted their information. We worked by creating a series of weekly goals in order to keep one another on track and avoid any last-minute crunching. We were successful in pacing ourselves and were able to keep the project on track, even when the university was closed, and the nation went into a state of emergency. I think this speaks to the dedication and professionalism of our group and led to, not a perfect, but successful website.

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