So I have managed to put together a decent website to begin with, a skeleton with a little bit of tissue over it so to speak, but I still need some web design advice and some higher resolution images to make the website really draw users in. Google my maps was somewhat underwhelming as far as visuals go, but it is practical and familiar for users. I got it embedded in the site and color coated the buildings for easy identification, and once we get information and better images for the different buildings I can fill in more on google my maps.

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  1. For your images check out special collections because they have specific files on the various building throughout campus. They have blueprints of most of the buildings which could be a cool thing to include. Also, have you looked at Professor Spencer’s UMW Preservation plan that he created in 2014. I think that this could be a really great resource when conducting research on the buildings. If you don’t have access to this let me know because I have a copy of it saved on my computer!

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