Web Design and Photo Acquisition

So I have managed to put together a decent website to begin with, a skeleton with a little bit of tissue over it so to speak, but I still need some web design advice and some higher resolution images to make the website really draw users in. Google my maps was somewhat underwhelming as far as visuals go, but it is practical and familiar for users. I got it embedded

Building/Mural Progress Update

This week we were able to get our slug and start our project process. I am responsible for web design and the google maps software that will allow us to give viewers an eagle’s eye view of the campus. As of right now I have created a skeleton for the website, and when we have more information from Cat and Noah we can begin to flush it out. Jack is

Blog Post 3

I looked at 4 different digital history projects: Virtual Pauls Cross Project, the Eugenic Rubicon, the American Panorama, and Gilded Age Murder. These four projects used excellent visuals, concise information, and easy navigation to make viewing them easy and enjoyable. Virtual Paul’s Cross is perhaps my favorite. The project attempts to recreate the feeling of the crowd based on their position in the courtyard during John Donne’s Gunpowder Day sermon.

Blog Post 2

Both sites use Omeka and integrate multiple add-ons well. The National Mall’s website is visually pleasing with bright colors and a simple image button based interface. It also uses the map plug-in really well to help users interact and get acquainted with the space of the National Mall. The theme and layout is in stark contrast to the museum professional’s Birds of America website. It is a simple website with

Blog Post 1

I signed up for this class for rather simple reasons. I am in my last semester, and so that requires a 400 level course. I did not choose the class at random; I saw this class as an opportunity to gain marketable skills. I hope that I will gain useful skills that I can advertise on my resume and enjoy the process. Digital history is a way to streamline the