This week we were able to get our slug and start our project process. I am responsible for web design and the google maps software that will allow us to give viewers an eagle’s eye view of the campus. As of right now I have created a skeleton for the website, and when we have more information from Cat and Noah we can begin to flush it out. Jack is working on getting our virtual tour up and running and making sure our viewers get to virtually walk the halls of our most famous buildings.


  1. Wow! How are you going to utilize the overhead view in Google Maps with you project? Are you going to contextualize the murals with the rest of campus (or just the oldest parts)? Sounds like a lot of work that y’all are balancing. Good luck!

    1. We want to incorporate google my maps to provide an “eagle’s eye view” and then the virtual google tour with 360 photos for a more intimate experience. Thanks!

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