Professionalism in the Face of Panic

My group set out, at the beginning of this semester, to create a comprehensive interactive medium for prospective students and those with an interest in the university’s history. We decided a website that provided brief and concise information, along with visual aids, would be the best way to fulfil our project requirements. We were tasked with introducing the history of the academic buildings on campus to those who wished to

Signing Off

It has been a crazy semester to say the least, and we have all had our share of difficulty. I am happy to say that I worked with a fantastic group and that we did our utmost to deliver a great project to not only our professor, but to the public as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, and now all that remains is to fix a few things

Nearing the End

It has been quite a journey this semester, but I am excited to say that myself and one other of my group members is at 100% completion of our part of the website! It is wonderful to see the hard work of my group mates come to fruition and I think all of my classmates will appreciate what we have done with our project. All that remains is for our

Digital Identity

Academics are used to approaching historical writing like a dam, they set up barriers to entry and control the flow of information. However, we are living in an age of uncontrollable amounts of information, and historians must adapt to it. Instead of trying to dam up the water, the academic community should introduce a cleaner source of “water” for users to interact with. The tactics must move from opposition with

Key Changes in a Digital World

As historians must face the challenges of an ever growing number of sources and a list of unqualified publishers too long too count, they must ask themselves how they are going to evolve in this new climate. Despite historians focus on the past, they cannot ignore the evolution of the current state of technology and it’s effect on how history is studied and interacted with. Whether it is archives or

Cleaning up the Website

This week has been a huge adjustment for me, and for my classmates i’m sure, but thankfully my role with polishing the website has not been completely altered. The website is mostly completed at this point, but I have been adding citations to the various photos. So far communication between the members has been easy and will continue with weekly video call meetings.

Moving Online

Thankfully for me, my main role in my group is working on the website. The outbreak has not influenced my work in a significant way other than perhaps the general disarray and confusion of the last week. Communication with my academic buildings group will be slightly more challenging since I will have to be on top of electronic communication, as face to face is no longer an option. The website

Critical Failure

Today we encountered a critical failure in the design of the website and cannot fix it as of now. We also discovered that the virtual tour software is not compatible with the theme that I selected. Now I must find a new theme and change the website, however I can no longer access it. Hopefully the website will be able to be fixed in a timely manner and I can

Fair Use, Wikipedia, and Digital History

I am pretty impressed with the whole wikipedia process. I had no idea exactly how the site worked; the way they have compiled information and use a communal review and editing process so successfully is impressive to say the least. I saw several posts that addressed everything from incorrect information to recommendations as to the appropriateness of the location for the content being written. Things are remarkably civil from what